Educational Speaking Engagements

Overview of The Medicare Easy! team Educational Trainings
1. The Medicare Easy! team is an engaging and informative professional speaker on health reform, Medicare, and Medicaid issues.
2. The Medicare Easy! team is highly adept at speaking before audiences of all kinds, including Seniors, Policymakers, physicians, and the general public.
3. The Medicare Easy! team is known for making complex health policy and business issues understandable, relevant, and entertaining.

Venues for Presentations The Medicare Easy! team:
For presentations on health reform, Medicare, and Medicaid

Topics Include:
 Medicare 101
 Mastering Medicare
 Medicare Made Clear©
 What the Heck is the Donut Hole?
 NYS Drug Assistance Program, EPIC

The Medicare Easy! team's speaking venues include:
 Local Venue’s
 Health plan industry conferences
 Workshops and training seminars
 Think tank and foundation events
 Webinars
 Lunch and Learns
 Employee Fairs
 Libraries
 Independent Living Facilities
 Community Groups
 Client Meetings

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